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         Click on the image to download first chapter!

In this follow-up guide to The Great Workplace, experts from Great Place to Work Institute, Inc. reveal the most common excuses managers use for why they can't create a great workplace. Authors Jennifer Robin and Michael Burchell poke holes in every single excuse. Whether the reasons involve the organization's leadership, employees, environment, or any other factor, the authors explain that if managers lead people properly, they can create a great workplace. The authors explore how managers can interrupt their own negative thought patterns and instead create lasting change, and they describe how great workplaces have surmounted very real difficulties with aplomb.

  • Includes case studies, stories, tips, and tools for managers who want to transform their organizations
  • From the experts at the Great Place to Work, a global research, consulting, and training firm that operates in nearly 50 countries
  • Proves that any and every organization can change for the better when managers have the right tools and mindset

Creating a place where people want to work and want to succeed is the primary key to success for every manager. No Excuses shows that managers in any organization can transform their workplace—if they'll only get out of their own way first.



"I love No Excuses because it's a no-nonsense, can-do book. Jennifer Robin and Michael Burchell use solid evidence, real-life examples, and deep conviction to confront, refute, and replace the major reasons people give for not creating a great workplace. Wonderfully inspiring and elevated by a noble purpose, No Excuses is also down-to-earth. There are no excuses for not reading No Excuses."~  Jim Kouzes, co-author, National Bestseller The Leadership Challenge, and Dean's Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

"Through a practical, easy-to-follow approach, No Excuses equips and empowers anyone who has the privilege of leading others to create a positive employee experience and leverage every team member's strengths. By using Robin's and Burchell's advice, leaders can maximize the uniqueness of their organization's culture to build and sustain a great workplace. These valuable lessons should be a part of every leader's toolkit." ~ Amy DiGeso, Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources, The Estée Lauder Companies, Inc.

"All too often, leaders find excuses for not performing or not developing a great place to work, but it is our responsibility to create the environment for trust, pride, and camaraderie to flourish. Jennifer Robin and Michael Burchell have partnered to write an excellent book for every leader, from managers and supervisors to senior leadership. No Excuses challenges us to be accountable, reminds us not to make excuses, and gives us tools so those excuses won't be necessary." Chris D. Van Gorder, FACHE, President and CEO, Scripps Health

"No Excuses is a brilliant, timely guidebook that equips managers with the focus, tenacity, and skills needed to build lasting trust. Burchell and Robin are masters at simplifying an extraordinarily intricate task – showing each of us that becoming a trust practitioner is more than achievable!" ~ Selena Rezvani, Author, Pushback , and Columnist, The Washington Post


         Click on the image to download first chapter!

         Click on the image to download first chapter!

Gold Medal Winner, Human Resources and Employee Training, 2012 Axiom Business Book Awards

 What Separates a Great Company from a Merely Good One?

The Great Place to Work Institute produces the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For Annual List, which, year after year, features some of the most respected companies in the world—SAS, Google, Microsoft, General Mills, SC Johnson, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, to name a few.

In this highly-anticipated book, Institute insiders Michael Burchell and Jennifer Robin explore the concept of a great workplace and answer the fundamental question, "What is the business value of creating a great workplace?" The Great Workplace shows that, more than offering great pay and quirky perks, a great workplace is one where employees trust the people they work for, take pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.

Drawing on decades of research, the authors explain how leaders and managers can create and reinforce the core values of trust, pride, and camaraderie with every communication, every decision, and every interaction. And they bring the definition of a great workplace alive with anecdotes, best practices, and quotes from employees working at some of the best workplaces.

  • Reveals the essential ingredients in and the trends of the best places to work
  • Offers best practices, anecdotes, and practical steps toward creating a great workplace
  • Explores Great Place to Work model developed in 1984 and validated through its enduring resonance in both the United States and in over 40 countries around the world

If your company is struggling with the challenges of leveraging human capital, discover why some organizations have what it takes to be great—and what your company can learn from them.


“The Great Workplace lays out ideas that can help turn any workplace into a great one. At, we take these ideas seriously. Our company culture is our #1 priority.” ~Tony Hsieh, CEO,, Inc. and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Delivering Happiness

“Informative and full of useful advice. The authors’ recommendations may call for hard work, but for those who persevere and see them through, the outcome is well worth the effort.” ~ Ian T. Clark, CEO, Genentech

“Important and thoroughly convincing! The Great Workplace shows the way for organizations to get from ‘Good’ to ‘Great.’ If you’ve ever wanted to be on the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® Annual List, or simply want to know why some companies excel and others don’t, grab your highlighter and dig in.” ~ Adrian Gostick, New York Times bestselling author, The Carrot Principle and The Orange Revolution

“The best places to work outperform their competitors in every country and in every industry.  The Great Workplace shows how these companies do it and provides practical advice on how you too can make your company a great place to work.  No more excuses not to turn this timely knowledge into action.” ~ Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and author, Power

 “Like a customized GPS, The Great Workplace will help your organization navigate its way toward being an exemplary workplace—and steer clear of the bumps, wrong turns and dead ends along the way. Filled with data-based findings, practical examples, and innovative ideas, this book will prepare and motivate your team for the journey that is to come.” ~ Chris Van Gorder, FACHE, president and CEO, Scripps Health

 “A wealth of new ideas for how to build and maintain a great workplace, even for those who have previously made the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For® Annual List.” ~ Ben Salzmann, president and CEO, ACUITY